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Hillwood Land & Cattle

Hillwood Land & Cattle, owned by Ross Perot Jr., is headquartered in Westlake, Texas. The operation exercises 12,500 acres of grazing pastures and farmland spread over two ranches: the historical Circle T Ranch in Tarrant County and Hunter Ranch in Denton County.

The cowherd consists of commercial Brangus cows bred to registered Brangus bulls and Angus cows bred to registered Angus bulls. Weaned cattle are grown on winter wheat pastures on our ranches. Hillwood Land & Cattle offers private treaty sale of replacement heifers and video sale of our feeder steers. With the application of modernized techniques in our breeding and ranching operation, Hillwood Land & Cattle is one of the best commercial Brangus breeders in the state of Texas.

Cattle Operations

The Hillwood Land & Cattle program is centered around the most basic concepts in the cattle business: fertility, milking ability, and breeding good-growth cattle with muscle and depth of body.


Hillwood Land & Cattle has won Grand Champion Overall twice at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo.


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With a long history of farm and ranch experience, Brett Burton leads an expert team in an award-winning cattle operation.
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